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The Lake of Bolsena

Panoramica del Lago di Bolsena

The lake of Bolsena is the larger volcanic lake of Italy, its origins goes back more than 120.000 years ago, when the volcano from which draws origin was extinguished definitively leaving space to waters that very soon filled up this valley. The lake, with its 114 kmq and the perimeter of 43 km is the greater one of the region Lazio and fifth of Italy.

Its waters thanks to the natural conformation and the lack of polluting industries are considered the cleanest and transparent of Italy, in fact the fishermen still today use them in order to cook the "Sbroscia", one characteristic soup of fish and vegetables of the Lake of Bolsena.
Consequently, the waters, are rich of various varieties of fish, appreciated for their taste and quality. To remember the eels, cited by Dante Alighieri in a step of the "Divinae Commedia".

Papa Martino IV°
Pope Martino IV°

The Supreme Poet inserts Pope Martin IV (who really stayed at the Rocca of Montefiascone in 1282) in the song of Purgatory XXIV between the greedy:

“....e quella faccia
di là da lui più che l’altre
trapunta ebbe la Santa Chiesa in le sue braccia:
da Torso fu, e purga per digiuno
l’anguille di Bolsena e la vernaccia”

The ancient commentaries say that, before roasting, he did drown eels in the vernaccia wine to make them more tasty.

The tourist who reaches this zone, will remain amazed from the natural, historical and cultural riches.

Panoramas and sunsets to stump the breath, museums and historical centers to visit, traditional festivities and festivals to which participating, good cook and optimal wines to taste, or calm shores where to rest and to amuse.

We are sure that difficultly you will succeed to bore yourself in front of such "beauties", in one of the more fascinating places of the Lazio, where "the chaotic" tourism of mass is not still exploded and where it's still important the serenity and the pleasure "to enjoy" a deserved period vacation.

See you soon to the lake of Bolsena...